Good Ol Corporate America!!


So at this moment your boy still works for Corporate America. Now I’m going to be honest with yall. It has been good to me. I have made more money since graduating college and working for Corporate America than I ever have at any other time in my life.

Needless to say though, It’s just not me. I would rather be wondering the world finding all kinds of cool things in it and spending time with my wife, daughters, and other family members.

You see working for a fortune 50 company comes with its perks but also comes with a ton of headache. You get that feeling that you are not worth much and you begin to realize just how REPLACEABLE you are. I watched a past co-worker of mine get recognized for EVERY SINGLE AWARD possible and because she tried to genuinely help her team, she was fired due to what they would like to call an “integrity issue”. It was some bullshit, but hey .. to them you are just a number.

I must say though, I have learned a lot about business in corporate America that will transition to my own business that I have begun. Speaking of that, yall be on the lookout for my new project “Living One Hell Of A Life.” I have been putting the pieces of the puzzle for this together and haven’t decided if I’m going to make it a course, ebook, or what but I assure you it will be crazy. As a matter of fact here is a quick snippet of what to expect…

“(M1) 1. Dreams and Desires

  1. Don’t lose the kid in you

Do you remember that time when you were about 8 to 10 years old and you were running outside playing freeze tag (that’s if you grew up in the 90’s) or listening to your iPod’s dreaming about what all you desire in the world. Do you recall the time as a little girl or little boy that everything seemed possible and that it was just a reach away. Where is that person now? They couldn’t have just vanished and became dormant in your soul. You see I am here to share with you that being a kid is still OK. You see as a child we see the world for its limitless possibilities. We don’t see hate or anger towards another, only that which makes us happy and what makes us sad. Consequently we grow older and allow the illusions of the world to overshadow our pure judgment. Continue to harness the power of being a kid. Use it to your advantage, feed off of those dreams and desires, for that which you can see you can conceive. As a society taught to be realistic about our circumstances and the cards we are dealt, we sell ourselves short on our desires, our visions, and even our relationships.”

What did you think about that little snippet? Was it dope? was it helpful? If so, leave me a comment in the box below, or even better enter in your name and email in the box at the top right, so I can update you on its release and give you a free 15 minute coaching consultation for your business or life goals.

Now back to what we were talking about…

It’s tough out here in corporate America, especially if you are like me and want to be a millionaire one day SOON. This system isn’t meant for you to work your way out of it. This is a rat race and a wheel with no end or door out just because you started running faster. You have to decided that you want more for your life and get off your ass and go get the shit. Now I know I’m using some colorful language here and not everyone is going to feel what I’m writing ..


I have been gone for a while from my blog but now I’m back, and I’m back as LaRon and no one else. I’m here to keep it 100 with you all and provide you with everything I have to give. If you are still in corporate America I want to encourage you to run your race, live your journey. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone and being efficient and present where you are in life right now will serve you way more than picking at a concrete wall with a wood toothpick.

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