What Is Your Reason?


What Is Your Reason?

This is a question that I attempt to ask a lot of people and many don’t know the answer to. The special phrase is, “I want to save money…” For what? I want to make more money… For What?

Money means nothing if it isn’t exchanged for some form of good or service… SO that leaves us back at the question, which is at hand. What is Your Reason!? (WHY)

Some want to spend more time with their kids, others want to travel, then there are those who want the freedom to buy what they want when they want. There are even those people who have been burned out by there jobs working 12-14 hours a day missing breakfast with the kids or dinner with the family.

I challenge you… Tell me your WHY? Then ask yourself… Do you want to do something about it, because until you want to do something about it, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. Lastly, If you have decided that you want help achieving your why, tell me if you would like for me to HELP YOU achieve it.

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